ISABC 2021 Virtual

Pro-D Day

Focus Areas:

Mental Health and Wellbeing 


Social Justice (DEI)


FEB 12



FEBRUARY 12, 2021

8:20 - 9:30

Session #1 Keynote: Empowering Educators with Practical Wellbeing Tools with Dr. Hayley Watson

9:45 - 10:45

Session #2 Mini Keynote Speakers

11:00 - 12:00

Session #3 Subject and Roundtable Break-out Sessions




Session #1 - Keynote Speaker with Hayley Watson 

Topic: Educators' Well-being

Title: Empowering Educators with Practical Wellbeing Tools

8:20am - 9:30am

This session will provide educators and administrators with practical tools for supporting their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their colleagues. It will offer a framework for understanding and relating to stress and crisis, along with strategies for promoting a culture of wellbeing and inspiration both personally and professionally.

Session #2 - Mini Keynote Sessions

Various Speakers

9:45am - 10:45am


Mini Keynote Speaker #1: Dr. Lisa Gunderson

Topic: DEI, Anti-Racism

Title: Do I Want to Be a Anti-Racism Educator?


This is a 2 part workshop. In the first 20 mins anti-racism, racism and equity in education are defined. The last 40 mins is Q & A and will address all your specific questions and challenges that you have with dealing with racism and engaging in anti-racism in your classroom and your school. What are the barriers (yours and others) that are hindering you and how do you address them? Bring your concerns and concerns.




Mini Keynote Speaker #2: Kory Wilson

Topic: Indigenous 

Title: Indigenous 101

An introduction to the historical and contemporary reality of Indigenous people, terminology, an introduction to the Indian Act and some policies, with reference to being a West Point Grey Academy parent and Pearson College graduate



Mini Keynote Speaker #3: Michele Andrews

Topic: Sustainability

Title: Creating Hope through Inspiring, Practical and High-              Impact Sustainability Plans

What our students need more than ever is inspiration and empowerment, founded out of a genuine sense that we can make a difference and turn the tide on the climate crisis. We will discuss ways to build on your school’s sustainability efforts and bring hope to your school community.


Mini Keynote Speaker #4: Dr. Elin Kelsey

Topic: Sustainability and Mental Health

Title: From eco-anxiety to hope - Teaching climate change from a solutions orientation

Many teachers and students are struggling amidst the overwhelming onslaught of urgent issues such as climate change and COVID 19. In this workshop, I'll draw on timely evidence to show how to embrace a solutions-orientation and why it’s so essential to do so for ourselves, our students and the planet.


Mini Keynote Speaker #5: Anthea Boras

Topic: Social Emotional Learning

Title: Emerging Stronger from the Challenges of the Pandemic


We are living in a time of disruptive change, which requires a great deal of adaptation for school communities. This session will help educators develop the skills to understand and respond to change in ways that promote their own wellness and that of their students.


Mini Keynote Speaker #6: Candace Campo 

Topic: Indigenous World Views

Title: Talking Trees - Indigenous Ways of Knowing


Talking Trees, Indigenous Ways of Knowing, focuses on how our people connect to the land and sustainably utilize the forest for food, medicine, technology.  Emphasis on plant identification and relationship.

Mini Keynote Speaker #7: Ken O'Connor 

Topic: Assessment

Title: Challenging Your Grading Practices

The workshop will cover the most important things that schools and teachers should do to make their grades accurate, consistent, meaning fun and supportive of learning.

Mini Keynote Speaker #9: Brooke Yantzi

Topic: Mental Health

Title: Movement & Mental Health


Movement and music are powerful tools to help people connect to themselves and to others. In this workshops, educators will gain a better understanding of mental health and the factors that affect it, and experience an interACTIVE dance class that targets the 4 domains of well being. Participants will leave equipped with plug-and-play tools to help build healthier lifestyles and habits in their students and their own lives!

Mini Keynote Speaker #11: Rohan Parik & Nicole Mann

Topic: SOGI

Title: Small But Powerful Changes - Holding Space For All Your Students

This session will discuss power dynamics and small but powerful changes schools are able to make every day in their interactions with students to empower them. LGBTQ students are particularly vulnerable at school to verbal and physical harassment and social exclusion. Students of colour, who are significantly under-represented in the independent school community, may be more likely to feel disconnected or socially isolated. We will discuss how to support young queer/racialized students and hold space for them to share stories in a world where their voices have traditionally been silenced.

Session #3 - Subject and Roundtable Break-out Sessions

Various Roundtable Leads

11:00am - 12:00pm

Speaker: Marney Rosen

Title: AP Language teachers collaborate: grading with the new rubrics

Speaker: Wendy McGee

Title: AP Lit: new exam rubric practice

Speakers: Kyle Nystad & Bobby Nishi 

Title: Athletics Round Table

Speaker: Mark Pulfer

Title: Science Enrichment and Extension

Speakers: Elysia Jellema & Travis Fuchs

Title: Integrating Content and Competencies in Senior Science through Socioscientific Issues

Speaker: Shannon O'Connor & Nathan Reimer

Title: Using the Design Process to Reimagine School Events

Speaker: Rebecca Brunswick 

Title: Chemistry Internal Assessment - Marking for Moderation

Speakers: Tanja Scott & Noble Kelly

Title: Decolonizing The Classroom

Speaker: Carly Wenner

Title: Brainstorming The Historical Thinking Skills

Speaker: Leah Coss

Title: How to Build Trust & Engagement Online with Students

Speaker: Chris Blackman

Title: Sharing Best Practices - COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Speaker: Jennifer Torry

Title: Unpacking Identity: How Individual and Institutional Identities Shape School Culture

Speakers: Kiran Shoker & Tanya Boteju

Title: Calling in Discomfort: Let’s Get Personal About Anti-Racism

Speaker: Paige Freeborn

Title: The Many Aspects Of Service

Speaker: Heather Gross

Title: Making progress in DEI at your school

Speaker: Natalie Prichard

Title: Keeping them engaged - the power of humour

Speakers: George Radner

Title: Authentic Learning: Empowering Students to Meet today’s Eco-Social Issues

Speakers: Gillian Louie & Holly Fitch

Title: Supporting Executive Skills in Elementary Learning

Speakers: Rhea Lofstrom & Christina Miller

Title: Reporting on Curricular competencies

Speaker: Pat Pachchigar & Lisa Blachut

Title: Global Stewardship in our classroom

Speaker: Molly Young

Title: Connecting students to the community during this unique year. Virtual field trips and presenters

Speaker: Rosalind McCanny

Title: A Forest School Approach to Teaching Outside

Speaker: Yuko Keane

Title: Learning Resource - Junior School

Speakers: Hazel Chee & Heike Beer

Title: Language Roundtable

Speaker: Angela Andersen

Title: Creative Strategies for Community Building through the Visual Arts curriculum

Speaker: Kelly Macintyre

Title: SS PE - Health Education and Indigenous Games Resource Sharing

Speaker: Neena Bauck

Title: Student-centered lessons for middle-school and senior-school math

Speakers: Kristen Morozov, Meg Penafiel, and Bri Turner

Title: Queer Libraries - Curating diverse queer (LGBTQ2S+) content in our school libraries

Speakers: Jordan Hannah & Danielle Minichiello

Title: Co-Teaching - Best Practices

Speakers: Lauren Bell & Alexandra Lesk

Title: Using Padlet to Foster Student Engagement and Motivation via Voice and Choice

Speaker: Anjeanette Dawson Spelexilh

Title: Teaching Teachers How To Be "Teachers" From and Indigenous Lens




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ISABC Virtual

Pro-D Day 2021



ISABC Virtual

Pro-D Day 2021



February 12, 2021



via Zoom

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